Washed in the Blood

It’s been many years since I saw the famous “light” associated with near-death experiences. I was within 20 to 30 minutes of dying in an airtight elevator when I began to fear that I would go to Hell because surely the “all seeing light” would pick up the dark spots over my heart. During those stressful minutes as the air was getting increasingly scarce I had an interior conversation that ended with a Divine Word being spoken to me from above, directly into my mind like a download.

“But you are covered with the blood of Jesus—and that’s the only thing that light cannot see through.”

The words were still fresh in my mind and heart when miraculously the elevator door suddenly opened, and my family and I were saved.

This experience made me realize there is only one truly important reality for any human being: When you die, where will you spend eternity?

The Apostle Peter gave a most-compact expression to the issue of soul salvation in his first letter, chapter one and the first nine verses. In it he couched the issue of how the soul is saved.

First, the election and foreknowledge of God (God chooses all who believe on his Son Jesus Christ for the Redemption of sins toward the inner transformation of the New Birth that is received by grace through faith in the Gospel—many verses);

Second, the sanctification of the Spirit (when you receive Messiah the Holy Spirit revives your dead human spirit [Titus] and separates it from sin-and-death unto God and eternal life [Gospel of John]);

Third, for obedience to Jesus Christ (Jesus made it plain that not everyone who says “Lord! Lord!” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but those who do the will of God—even as He came to do the Father’s will.) In essence, this is discipleship that follows a profession of faith, which, together with baptism, is the first step of a life of obedience to the commandments of Messiah;

And fourth, “for sprinkling with his (Christ’s) blood.”

In the following verses he expands on this progression of the work of God (Father, Spirit, Son) in redeeming your soul. At the end of the anthem Peter declares (v.9), “Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.”

At the very moment the Divine Voice told me I was “covered with the blood of Jesus” the door of the elevator in which we were entombed miraculously opened and let us out just before we asphyxiated.

The only question that ultimately matters for you is, “Are you covered with the blood of Jesus; are you in saving Blood-Covenant with God through his Son?”

While you still have breath, “make your calling and election sure.”

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