To and Fro

In the Bible, not only is the aggressiveness of destruction expressed by the term “to and fro” (Joel 2:9, KJV) but also the intensity of godly pursuit (Zechariah 4:10).

The one describes the LORD’S army that has come to destroy utterly; the other describes God’s benevolent pursuit of his people by way of the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple.

In First Peter the scripture describes the devil as “a roaring lion” that “walks about seeking whom he may devour.” This is evil going “to and fro”—to one place from another, and then to another place from that place, constantly searching in order to harm. The same Bible says of Jesus, “…who went about doing good and healing all that were sick and oppressed by the devil.”

In the opening of the Bible we see the devil as a snake in the tree of temptation (the knowledge of good and evil). He sought to seduce and destroy God’s crowning creation—man.

In the Gospels we see Messiah on a cross—from the intent of man the ultimate tree of anger, hate and harm but in Christ, the ultimate tree of patience, love and life. On that tree, Yeshua was seeking lost man through the ultimate expression of love.

It takes discernment to know what the scripture is saying concerning the horses in the myrtle trees in Zechariah. Are they going forth—to and fro—as instruments of good? The whole earth is quiet.

But is it the quiet of safety and peace? Or is it the calm before the storm?

Dr. Sarvadi’s article this issue has much to say in consideration of this question.

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