The Institute for Hebraic Christian Studies was founded by Dr. Richard Booker and offers courses at the McKinney campus at the Bethany Center. The classes are conducted and taught by Dr. Victoria Sarvadi, a graduate of IHCS Houston, and Chaplain Lisa Depew, a graduate of IHCS McKinney. The institute offers 6 courses that consists of 12 classes in each course. Each year we provide 3 courses in the form of trimesters and will take 2 years to complete the degree.

Those who want to earn an Associates Degree in Hebraic-Christian Studies may do so by answering the questions at the end of each lesson and submitting their answers either on paper or electronically through email on a Word Document. Students who are not interested in earning the diploma need not submit their answers. Classes may be attended through Zoom or in person. Everyone must register.

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The End of All Things is at Hand

February 6th – May 7th, 2024

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm on Zoom

Are you troubled by the uncertainty of world events? Do you anticipate the future with fear or faith? Do you yearn for the coming of the Lord? If so, this is the book for you. It is one of the most inspiring books on Bible prophecy you will ever read.

Richard Booker avoids the sensational and writes to touch your heart. He explains biblical prophecy and current and future events from a biblical, Hebraic world view rather than a traditional, Western cultural world view.

Therefore, this is not just another Western “systematic theology” book about the end times. The End of All Things Is At Hand—Are You Ready? is prophetic in its explanations, tone, and urgency. The author explains prophetic events and provides instructions on how to prepare for “the end of all things” and how to serve God in the end times.

As you read, you will learn about the following critical subjects:

  • Israel in prophecy
  • Ten signs of the coming of the Lord
  • The Arabs in prophecy
  • America in prophecy
  • The Church in prophecy
  • The nations in prophecy

Many other vital topics are addressed, as well. You are about to discover that this book is a “watchman’s call” and a spiritual manual for holy living in our changing world.

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JR 400

Jesus and the Original Church – January 8th – March 25th

Every Monday evening at 7:00pm on Zoom

The purpose of this course is to help the student understand the various covenants in the Hebrew Scriptures with a special emphasis on the blood covenant. The student learns the basic blood covenant ritual and God revealed it to Adam, Abraham, Moses and the prophets as a picture of the blood of the everlasting covenant He has made for us through Messiah Jesus.


JR 500

Judaism and Christianity: Abraham to the Holocaust – May 6th  – August 12th

Every Monday evening at 7:00pm on Zoom

The purpose of this course is to help students understand the history of the Jewish people from the call of Abraham, through the First Testament, between the Testaments, the New Testament, the Roman era, and Christian-Jewish history from Constantine through the Holocaust. This is God’s redemptive history of His people, both Jews and Christians.


JR 600

Judaism and Christianity: Faith, Customs, and Traditions – September 9th – November 25th

Every Monday evening at 7:00pm on Zoom

This course will help the student understand basic Jewish beliefs and practices and how they relate to Christianity and the Messiah. Students discover how Biblical Judaism and Biblical Christianity are the same while learning how they differ based on ancient traditions and practices that are important to both faiths today.





Primary Teacher, Graduate IHCS 1999, Doctorate in Theology, CSBR & HCG



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Richard Booker, PHD, ORD.

Teacher, Founder of IHCS