Genesis 14:12, “They also took Lot, Abram’s brother’s son who dwelt in Sodom, and his goods, and departed.”


One might think that answering the call of God leads to a gentle road of life. But this is not so. Abram was on a divinely inspired journey when his nephew Lot was captured in a war between a confederacy of four city-states and the five city-states that included Sodom—the place Lot had chosen for himself to live and to tend his cattle. That capture forced Abram to mount a rescue to save his brother’s son.


Many contingencies arise to obstruct the way of the one who will follow God. Life is full of currents and cross-currents of social conflict and natural woe. But the child of God will find that there is more than enough resource to face the difficulties. A wise disciple will be prepared for whatever might arise on the way to fulfilling the will of God.


Abram armed his 318 servants born in his own house and skilled in desert warfare. He pursued the marauders who had his nephew. He created a pincer attack at night, surprised the thieves, and took back all that had been lost.


May the LORD grant to us the wisdom to prepare for problems before they arise. Then may we have his wisdom in countering evil when it comes against us.

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