The Whole Creation Groans

With a deep sense of hopelessness, Pilate groaned as he said to Jesus, “What is truth?”
Feel the weight of despair in his words.

Jesus had said to him, “I have come to bear witness to the Truth.”

Here was—as it still is—the great cultural and experiential divide separating humans from God. The Truth facing the Pragmatist jaded by a lifetime of hardship, war and failed answers to the great questions of life.

Philosophy had failed to guide Pilate to Truth. Here was a man brutalized by battle.  Ideas pale into meaningless when a sword swings and stabs its way through enemies of the state.

War had failed to do more for Pilate than provide a stepping stone to higher rank in the government of Rome. But once on his high seat of power what did it mean?  He was simply doing more of the same when he was boots in the trenches of conquest. Now he was governing the conquered for the Emperor. And for what?  Brief control of more territory and subjugation of more people to enlarge the tax base and serve the vision of Caesar.

Had he only realized it, before him stood the Rest from his burden of life. Here was the One who could truly say, “Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give rest.”

The whole creation groans as it awaits final redemption. For us now, however, the yolk is easier and the burden is lighter when Jesus is our rest.

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