Message from the Lord

I hear the LORD say,


These are perilous times.

My children have forgotten ME.  They strive in their own strength.  They fall into traps of their own making because they have forgotten ME, their CREATOR, and lover of their souls.

No longer do they call to ME in times of need, but lean upon their own understanding.

Tell them to remember !

Tell them to remember my goodness and my ultimate expression of my love to them – my son.

Hear what I am saying, unstop your ears and hear the voice of the LORD upon the earth.

Return to your first love.  I am the FATHER who waits longingly at the end of the road for my children’s return.

Come while there is time – while I am near.  My declaration over you is love, and my song for you is redemption.

I am for you !   I am for you !   I am for you !

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