John 10:22, “Now it was the feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was winter.” (NKJV)

Jesus had the people of Judea in a state of frenzy as they tried to reconcile his mighty works against their perceptions of Jesus as a blasphemer. After they took up stones to kill him (for claiming God as his Father), he confronted them with scripture, then simply passed out of their midst.

It is remarkable that just weeks before this Jesus stood in Jerusalem and proclaimed that he is the source of living water (the Holy Spirit) (John 7) and that he is “the Light of the world” (John 8). Now, after declaring that he is The Good Shepherd who gives his life for the sheep (by a command from the Father), he must elude the crowd when in their stunned response they seek to murder him.

The world has little recourse other than to destroy the object of its loathing when it is trapped in a crucible of mad consternation.

Paradoxically the crowd is supposed to be dedicating itself to the will of God at this very season. This is the time of Chanukah! And there in front of them is The Light of God sent to illuminate every human heart, and instead of cherishing it and shining it abroad, here they are seeking to snuff it out.

Religion will get us nowhere. Dedication to God in Messiah will get us where we need to go and where we truly desire to go.

As we approach the Feast of Dedication in December, may we remember that this season is a time for personal renewal in The Light—Jesus—Yeshua. Therefore, let us flame the wick of his Presence in our hearts and Shine, Shine, Shine!

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