THEME: Biblical theology is fractal—that is, it exhibits patterns that replicate infinitely in macro and micro directions. Therefore, the types of the Old Testament and those of the New Testament reflect each other. One such pattern is that of “Clothing with the garments of another”—a vicarious (substitutionary) work of identity represented by the garments of one which are then transferred to another; in this case, the garments of Esau transferred by Rebecca to the younger son Jacob so that Jacob may receive the inheritance and blessing of the elder son from their father Isaac. This elder-younger-son transference is another fractal pattern replicated over and over again in the Bible. Also, the Biblical Blood Covenant Ritual reflects this in the transfer of garments from each party to the other: the most glorious of which is that Yeshua ha’Mashiach took on our garment of Humanity so that he might take away the curse of Adam and so that we by grace might receive the transfer of his garment of Divine Sonship with all its blessings. By this means we become capable of being called “the children of God.” (John 1:12-13 seq.)



The crux of this devotion is in the THEME section above. I will simply add to that summation that it was the agency of the Mother (Rebecca) that brought to pass this transference. The Mother corresponds to the Kehillat / Ecclesia of the Church. (See Revelation 12, the Woman clothed in the celestial symbols of the Holy Nation of Israel giving birth to the Conquering Seed, the Man Child—the Great Messianic King symbol). The exchange was from the Wild Twin (Esau the Hunter) to the Cultured Twin (Jacob the Domesticated). [Thus, Messiah is both the Son of “David the Conqueror / Savior” and the “Son of Joseph the Provider / Preserver.”] Esau was the Aggressive Masculine brother while Jacob was the Passive Feminized brother (Esau discipled by the Father Isaac; Jacob discipled by the Mother Rebecca). Both were strong men (Jacob was not effeminate), as can be seen by the fact that Jacob won his place in the earth by the power of his sword and his bow (Genesis 48:22). There is much to be said in relation to these matters—Sword and Bow in the hand and mouth of the Messianic Sovereign (hand and mouth—first the natural, then the spiritual—cf. 1 Corinthians 15:46).


It is very interesting that that STONE Tanakh commentary indicates that the “precious garments” of Esau with which Rebecca clothed Jacob were the “precious garments” that Esau stole from the Great Hunter Nimrod! Thus, the symbolism translates in Christian theology to the fact that Christ has robbed Satan of all his treasures and has led captivity captive and has then given gifts unto men—to those persons who have received their new human identity in Christ the Son of the Father! (Ephesians 4 et al)


The most important thing for each of us after we receive the new birth and the adoption into the Eternal Family of God is that we be CLOTHED UPON with the wedding garment of the Righteousness of Christ! (Luke 2:7-12—the identity of Jesus the son of Mary the prophesied Virgin with the Messianic royal ritual of the house of David, the Kingly House through Solomon in the person of the adoptive father Joseph; 2 Corinthians 5:4 with context; contra. Matthew 22:11-14)


So be it. For me. For you.


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